BPO is a major outsourcing hub and is growing in this area dramatically. This place is moving very fast. There is numerous Co-Working spaces available in Cebu and I tried the majority of them. My personal favourite was A-Space at Crossroads, which offer a cool space with fast internet, continuous free coffee, events are common and interesting, often bringing in speakers to talk on different topics. They have a few offices already in Manila including Greenbelt and Makati.

In Filipino style, they create a great community by bringing members together with social events, whether that be through creative interest groups or simply putting on Game of Thrones on the big screen and supplying food and drink next to the beanbags.


It is in a great location, as it is not too far from the IT Park. 5 minute walk or 1 minute on the back of a bike (recommended). The office is settled amongst a selection of awesome restaurants, cafes and bars.


With Co-working spaces it comes down to people. And that is what makes this place the best.


I can’t wait to return.

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